Time Again

I’m blocked on my writing. Haven’t written a thing in months. Since this blog is what stirred me to start writing it, I’m going to start blogging again.

It’s time again to bare my soul to the text entry area of the blog posting screen, to tell the impersonal empty white space my deepest thoughts and allow it to respond with whatever it chooses.

Usually nothing.

Sometimes you guys, the readers of my blog, have responded intensely to a post that I sloughed off as no big whoop.  Sometimes I’ve had no comments, no reaction at all to something that was like giving birth to release, to press publish after sweating over it for a full night.

On occasion, I’ve stuffed my foot deep into my mouth, offending one of you so deeply with a post that I shut down my blog for a while. After the last time this blog brought offense, I shut it down, for what has turned out to be over a year but was intended to be forever.

I won’t be doing that this time. If you don’t like a post, fine. It’s only going out to a few close friends.

But I’m coming back to blogging, because I haven’t written a thing in my books in a while and the blog needs to serve it’s purpose again, opening that wound up so that the blood can flow again, so I can purge whatever is keeping my book from flowing freely again.

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