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“Stories My Friends Started” is an artist’s collaborative group. The first sentence of each story is provided by one of our friends, family, or even a perfect stranger at a book fair. Then we write a story with it. Most are asked to be around 1500-2500 words, although I’ve been known to go a bit long-winded. Big surprise.

Rabbit Poop

For Nermina Krneta It smelled like rabbit poop. It was bedtime, and I was tucking Tasha into bed at her Grandma’s house before heading out on my date night with her father. Her little arms popped out from under the blanket, and she pinned them to her sides, tightening the blanket around herself.. “What did, […]

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Be Careful What You Ask For

Republished from Stories My Friends Started, where another person chooses the first line, and you make it into a full story. For Mark Reale  “And then the alien’s claws reached around the door.” The fire crackled as Joe’s voice hitched excitedly. Leanne chuckled; we were all enjoying the game. … I should never have joined in. […]

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Republished from the inimitable Stories My Friends Started, where a single sentence provided by a friend becomes mayhem in the hands of the authors. For Isaac Fenelon “Now that he was actually standing in front of the shimmering portal, it raised some questions: would he know the language of the peoples on the other side […]

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